Contracted Projects

Electrical Engineering

2010- Erection of electrical power converters with a capacity of 250 kV and 400 kV and the rehabilitation of poles and wires in different regions in Baghdad. The project included the import and erection of electrical converters and the rehabilitation of the poles while replacing those damaged. It also included the re-installation of electrical wiring along with the linking of the feeding board and other accessories. The project consisted of the installation of over 500 converters, 2000 poles and 100 Km of wires

2012- The project of electrical power transfer lines 132 (kV) in Babel Governorate with a length of 60 Km-the project extended over a period of 18 months. The project was executed within the period agreed upon with a high efficiency. The project included frilling works, concrete bases casting, erection and linking of steel towers along with lines wiring as per the requirements.

2013- Project to prepare the expansion of stations in al-Karadah and al-Ba'thiya in Baghdad. The project included scarfing and entombment works using (please specify the material in English) and flattening works, along with the construction of an outer fence for the station, the guards' rooms, the control towers and lighting works for the fence and roads and finally the finishing works of the buildings.

2014- The project of a station expansion in West Baghdad (400 kV). The project included drilling and concrete bases casting works for the converters and cables as per the requirements of the Ministry of Electricity. It also included the station equipment and towers erection for each column along with linking works, cabling, roads casting and control room construction. The project was executed with a high competency within a record period.

2014- The project of capacity streams erection and cabling for al-'Obaydi station. The project included drilling works and capacity streams erection along with straight linking room and streams covers. The project also consisted of electrical cables installation and linking to the circuit breaker along the line and station. It was one of the quick and important project to fill the gap of the land transfer lines, it is worth mentioning that the length of the line was of 50 Km crossing agricultural lands, residential regions and main streets requiring concrete bridges as per the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity.

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Civil Work Engineering

2008- The establishment of a residential complex in Karbala Governorate consisting of 250 residential units and extending over an area of 80,000 m2 for the purpose of compensating the war-damaged families. The complex consisted of 2 floors and was completed with a high competency within the period agreed upon.

The project also included asphalt pavement and cladding works for a number of main roads in Baghdad al- Karakh and al-Rusafa along with the al-Dawra region, al-A'lam neighborhood, Palestine neighborhood, Hayfa neighborhood, al-Karadah and al-Saydya using modified asphalt mix capable of bearing the hot temperature of summer and using machines, modern spreaders along with curbstone works for the side roads and site.

2009- The establishment of health care center in Baghdad, al-Karakh to cover the health care needs of al-Karakh residents. The center consists of X-rays and Sonar wing, orthodontics, biology labs, cardiography and sonography, visual tests using electronic devices, bones and fractures and splinting section along with the doctors' rooms and waiting area. The center was established in an advanced and modern fashion while taking into consideration the isolation aspects and using special materials for the prevention of harmful bacteria and fungus. The project also consisted of general site, umbrellas and gardens works.

The establishment and expansion of Baghdad schools in Abu-Dashir region. The project consisted of the establishment of halls and classes as per the Iraqi Ministry of Education requirements while furnishing the classes and administration with the appropriate furniture. It also included the maintenance and renovation of old and damaged buildings.

2010- The development and equipping of buildings while providing all furniture, electronic devices, computers and cameras for Zain in Iraq. Some of these building are display and customer service buildings in Baghdad and Erbil. The project also included the erection of communication towers and station in the different governorates along with the provision of electrical generators for these stations, caravans, fences and roads…etc.

2011- The project of reconstruction and development of Baghdad Governorate building damaged by the explosion and theft acts and those caused by the war. The project consisted of concrete casting and the removal of all the destruction remains while building the damaged parts, providing paint services, building the secondary roofs, doors, wooden and steel windows, aluminum works along with the facades and double-glass coating. It is worth mentioning that the building extends over an area of 15,000 m2 and consists of 10 floors. The project and furnishing works were executed within a record period of time and within the same year.

2012- The development and rehabilitation of Sa'at al-Qashlah region and al-Mutanabi market in Baghdad along with the rehabilitation of the Social Security building. The project consisted of coating, abrasion, construction and paint works while taking into consideration the cultural aspect of the mentioned region. The project also included Baghdadi ceilings and chains of the old alleys along with the preparation and erection of the modern electrical elevators. This project was a major and accurate one as it is related to heritage regions, and the work was great.

In addition to the establishment of trusses, warehouses, hangars and caravans in Baghdad, al-Basrah and Babel, of which are steel warehouses and trusses in al-Basrah Governorate for the Ministry of Oil with each warehouse extending over an area of 5000 m2. Along with ceilings and planes hangars in local airports and the construction of caravans for displaced people and the communication companies such as Zain Iraq and Asia Cell. Moreover, we handled the project of trusses and steel ceilings for Baghdad Governorate Council and that of al-Basrah Governorate Council for the retail and wholesale markets in the markets complex in order to provide appropriate places for the local and imported fruits and vegetables.

2013-2014-The development, restoration and rehabilitation of Baghdad al-Karakh courts. The project included more than 10 courts in Baghdad, al-Karakh and consisted of the establishment of halls and expansion building as per the needs of every court. It also consisted of the coating the external facades, fencing, marble flooring, walls and ceilings paint, lighting and air conditioning works along with cameras installation, control and protection towers while providing the health facilities, water and sewer networks etc. The project was executed with a high competency within a record period of time and it is considered to be one of the major projects.

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Infrastructure and Logistic Support

2008- Logistic support projects for the army:
Our company carried out logistic support projects for the army of all kinds such as establishing military camps, sleeping rooms, operation and communication rooms along with the establishment of shooting fields to train the volunteers and army members. The project also included the establishment of fighters training fields while installing all rods, targets and blocks needed for such trainings. The works also included the establishment of sand and concrete barriers, control tower and all the logistic support requirements of these camps and barracks.

2009- The sewage network in al-A'lam region in Baghdad. The project consisted of abrasion and installation of the sewage pipelines with a diameter of 1200 mm using the type BVC under the pressure of 10 Bar. It also included the manholes casting under different depths up to 7 m as per the deviation of the line all the way to the pumping and treatment station with a line of 10 Km. the results were exceptional equaling the quality of that of the specialized foreign companies.

2010- The rehabilitation and expansion of water and sewage pipelines in al-Dawra region in Baghdad. The project consisted of installing new lines and linking them to the old network and station on one hand, the pipes used are Ductile and PVC. The project also included the rehabilitation of the old networks while fixing the cuts and breaks along with wiring, pipe and manholes cleaning and the installation and casting of the concrete covers.

2011- The maintenance, rehabilitation and expansion of al-Ba'thya sewage station in Baghdad. The project consisted of the replacement of pumps and damaged plungers, the electrical cables installation, the maintenance and operation of electricity boards and the repair of the damaged pipes.

In addition to the al-Kout water rehabilitation project that consisted of the installation of pipes, drilling and entombment along with the casting of concrete supporters and service manholes. It also consisted of linking the valves and locks while delivering water to homes and connecting to the pumping station. The results were of high quality as per the municipalities departments.

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