Our Vision and Mission


We, at Qimat Burj Baghdad aim to be the pillar of success and are unparalleled when it comes to the contracting and construction business. We are a professional recognized institution. We are known not only for meeting, but also, exceeding  customer satisfaction and prospects. Our goal is to succeed with our specialized team to hold great accountability towards our prized customers.       
Qimat Burj Baghdad aims high, with  integrity, diversification, consistency, high standards, principles, and outstanding customer service.
We  are determined to be number One!


We have redefined business standards through objectivity and loyalty.
We undergo each deal with integrity and are determined to bestow unrelenting,  effective, and efficient customer service.

Through our highly qualified team, the service you receive is incomparable to any other business in the market.
Management activities are not limited to our company’s constant growth, but also to the continuous  training of every member of our team, hence reassuring your confidence in us as your leading General Contracts and Trading brokers.
Exceeding customer expectations on every service we offer is our business.